WMK48015 Mirage 5F Armée de l'Air

Mirage 5F Armée de l'Air

This model kit enables you to built one Mirage 5F of the French Air Force.


WINGMAN MODELS SUPERKIT SERIES (limited edition of 400 pieces)


· One un-assembled plastic model kit based on the Mirage IIIE from Kinetic/Hong Kong –

Please be aware that the injected plastic sprues for the Matra Magic missiles and 1,700 l tanks, which Kinetic offers in their Mirage IIIE kit, are NOT included!

· Detailed and accurate resin upgrades –  Mirage 5F cockpit, Mk.4 ejection seat, reworked tires and front landing gear bay, highly accurate ATAR 9C nozzle, centerline bomb rack with two MATRA 250 kg bombs.
· Metal Pitot and AOA-probes made by Master from Poland
· Photo etched mirrors, cabin breakers and ejection seat handles
· Kabuki masking paper for cockpits and tires

· A super decal printed by, which contains at least 16 versions of Mirage 5F aircraft in natural metal finish or three-tone grey/green/medium grey tactical camouflage (EC 02/013 'Alpes', EC 03/013 'Auvergne' and EC 03/003 'Ardennes'). Printed by Cartograf.





Here the colour instructions in PDF format for you to download.

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WMK48015 Mirage 5F Armée de l'Air
WMK48015 Mirage 5F Armée de l'Air
WMK48015 Mirage 5F Armée de l'Air