WMK48014 Mirage 5BA/BR Belgian AF

Mirage 5 BA/BR Belgian AF

This model kit enables you to built one Mirage 5BA or one Mirage 5BR of the Belgian Air Force.


WINGMAN MODELS SUPERKIT SERIES (limited edition of 500 pieces)


· One un-assembled plastic model kit based on the Mirage IIIE from Kinetic/Hong Kong –

Please be aware that the injected plastic sprues for the Matra Magic missiles and 1,700 l tanks, which Kinetic offers in their Mirage IIIE kit, are NOT included!

· Detailed and accurate resin upgrades – Mirage 5BA nose, highly detailed Mirage 5 cockpit, Mk.6 and Mk.10 ejection seats, reworked tires and front landing gear bay, highly accurate ATAR 9C nozzle, two 1,700 L external ferry-tanks, complete new tail for late-style Mirage 5BA/BR, Chaff/Flare dispenser, arrestor hook housing and assembly.
· Metal Pitot and AOA-probes made by Master from Poland
· Photo etched mirrors, cabin breakers and ejection seat handles
· Kabuki masking paper for cockpits and tires
· A super decal printed by BOA Agency / CZ including:

a) Stencils for one aircraft and markings for all Belgian AF units, which operated the Mirage 5 (a big thanks to DACO/Danny Coremans for the support!),

b) Markings for Mirage 5BA BA-43 'Milky Way',

c) Markings for Mirage 5BA BA-63 '15 Years',

c) Markings for Mirage 5BR BA-04/22 '30th Anniversary 42 Squadron Mephisto'.


Photos: Copyright @ via Belgian Air Force/Günter Grondstein and AirDOC Collection



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WMK48014 Mirage 5BA/BR Belgian AF