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General Update

Dear Friends!

As you may have noticed over the last months, there was some major restructuralization of our company necessary, while at the same time our cooperation with Kinetic LTD had come to an end. We like to express our deep gratitude to Raymond Chung, for allowing us to participate in this endevour and to express our view and ideas of how model kits today should look like.

It is our intention to continue with Wingman Models in a revised form, concentrating solely on decals sets of German Luftwaffe and NATO air forces subjects.

We also will try to keep your most favorite Superkits subjects alive, as long as the supply with decals and resin parts will last. On this note, the quantity of Belgian Alpha Jet kits is now down to 40 pieces. We will NOT reissue this kit after we are sold out, so please consider ordering while you can.



Please check our new showroom opening hours:

· Mondays to Thursdays: 12 am to 5 pm

· or individual appointments via telephone/e-mail


We are always looking to improve our products and service. Please keep us posted with your ideas, recommendations and feedback. Just send your thoughts by email to contact(at)


Your 'Shop of Phantoms'/AirDOC and WIngman Models team!



Unfortunately most of the planned model making shows and book fairs have been cancelled for 2020 due to COVID-19. We hope though to be at EDay in Prague in September and Modellbaumesse Ried in Austria in October.



Here are some expert reviews of some our model kits by renowned master model maker Brett Green on Hyperscale or Michael Benolkin from These include details and close up photos showing the casting quality and the wealth of extra resin parts provided.

WMK48003 F-21 KFIR

WMK48008 Luftwaffe Fouga Magister

WMK48009 Alpha Jet Special Birds (Luftwaffe)

WMK48012 KFIR TC 2 Trainer Aircraft

WMF32003 F-4E/F/G Saltted Wings Conversion (for Tamiya)

WMF48022/28/29 Multimedia Weapon Sets

WMK48001 Latin Amercian KFIR


WMK48003 F-21 KFIR)

WMK48008 Luftwaffe Fouga Magister

WMK48009 Alpha Jet Special Birds (Luftwaffe)

WMK48012 KFIR TC 2 Trainer Aircraft



Resin parts

Stand-alone resin conversion sets and accessories.

Wingman Decals

Comprehensive decal sheets printed by Cartograf in Italy.


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Wingman Models was developed as a collaboration that has brought together the expertise of two well established companies, AirDOC Publishing from Germany and IsraDecals from Israel.

Currently lead by Andreas Klein, we can look back at over one and a half decades of experience in publishing military aviation related books and the production of model airplane kit accessories and decals – by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.