About Wingman Models

Wingman Models was established as a collaboration that has brought together in 2013 the expertise of two well established companies, AirDOC Publishing from Germany and IsraDecals from Israel.

Currently lead by Andreas Klein, we can look back at over a decade of experience in publishing military aviation related books and the production of model airplane kit accessories and decals – by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

Wingman Models products comprise of upgraded plastic model kits, which are known as “Superkits”. These kits, the ultimate in plastic modeling and unrivaled in quality and appearance, contain:

  • extremely/highly detailed resin parts designed with CAD programs and printed on a high class 3D printer
  • painting masks
  • metal Pitot tubes
  • comprehensive decal sheets printed by Cartograf in Italy

In addition, Wingman Models also produce various specialized parts for the enthusiasts and collectors, under the brand names:

  • FixIt! - a line of stand-alone resin conversion sets and accessories

As implied by our company slogan “Wingman Models – We are right beside you”, is exactly that – just as a wingman would support his flight leader in aerial combat. Our goal is to support the model maker in the search for perfection and turning dreams into reality. We want to produce the best quality products for our customer at a reasonable price. Our customer’s satisfaction with our products and their model building accomplishments, is our most important priority.

Wingman Models is based in Erlangen-Tennenlohe in northern Bavaria, Germany. Erlangen and the adjacent “Franconian” region is well known for its density of blue-chip companies such as Siemens, Adidas, Puma, Areva and the close proximity of the Friedrich-Alexander University complex, which owns a worldwide high reputation in the field of medical training. Our business partners such as Ullrich Marketing Services GmbH (logistics and packing of model kits) are located right next door to our headquarters, which ensures close communications and high levels of quality control standards.